Know Love

I know how to love you

Patient and kind with enthusiasm so divine that you see stars in my smooth way.

With delicate words and empowering phrases I lift you up on these pages so all can see the case of how genuine love can be.

I know how to love you

There’s no envy in my heart cause this Love is a piece of something genuine.

That 3 line strand that limits us as an inseparable unit can never be broken by any desirous words talked. That is God, my man and me for the individuals who don’t get it.

I know how to love you

There is no pride, bragging or discourteousness here. Each word I say to you is so earnest and brimming with affection for your spirit.

Each kiss and embrace intended to fall on you in all the correct spots. From your go to your toes my eyes discover delight in observing your clever appearances.

I know how to love you

I’m not discourteous or looking for anything back, for it really is a delight to do as such, and that’s true.

When I rub your back or brush your hair it’s with careful attention that demonstrates my heart is valid.

When I look somewhere down in your eyes I’m filling the canvas of my memory with every single sweet idea of you.

I know how to love you

There’s no ridiculing or blame dealing that can separate us. You are my King and I am your Queen so we both where a crown.

Loaded with affection from paradise above with jewels, rubies and sapphires to boot.

Also, we will pass on these adoration treasures so nobody should plunder.

I know how to love you

I am ease back to outrage and I keep no record of wrongs for my affection. We as a whole commit errors and pardoning is the primary fixing this adoration is really made of.

Confidence and expectation, peace and happiness are altogether blended in here as well. Set up it all together in the red hot heater of life and we turn out unscathed.

Prepared to flawlessness and moving the correct way that Love has cleared.

I know how to love you

No malicious musings here reason I savor the experience of reality from your eyes and cheer with a grin from your gaze.

Now and again reality may sting, yet it’s the best way to influence this adoration to work.

So how about we remain genuine deeply and realize that it’s you I revere if fears of weakness begin to hide.

I know how to love you

Furthermore, never let you down. My sweetness and delicate touch will dependably be discovered in light of the fact that it’s in Faith Hope and Love that I proliferate.

Hold up! Hold up a moment! I don’t think you trust that what I’m stating to you is valid!

I know how to love you with Protection so secure that Fort Knox would be desirous!

I know how to love you with Trust that would shake the corridors of equity!

I know how to love you with Hope that springs unceasing past existence in the wake of death!

I know how to love you with Preservation so solid it would disintegrate a petrified tree!

Is it accurate to say that you are listening Brotha?! Would you be able to hear me?!

Presently, to some this adoration sounds like franticness yet it’s all trouble in their eyes that I see. This affection is composed by He and made perfectly for you and me.

So let it be realized that I know how to love you!

You should simply open your heart and see.

In any case, hold up, pop test my Brotha.

The inquiry is…

Do you, KNOW how to love me?